• Application notes
    WB: Preliminary experiments gave no signal but low background in Human Testis and Placenta extracts at up to 1µg/ml.
    Tested in peptide ELISA, antibody detection limit dilution 1/64000.

    Not tested in other applications.
    Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.
  • Target

    • Function
      E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase.
    • Tissue specificity
    • Pathway
      Protein modification; protein ubiquitination.
    • Involvement in disease
      Defects in TRIM37 are the cause of mulibrey nanism (MUL) [MIM:253250]; also known as muscle-liver-brain-eye nanism. MUL is an autosomal recessive disorder that involves several tissues of mesodermal origin, implying a defect in a highly pleiotropic gene. Characteristic features include severe growth failure of prenatal onset and constrictive pericardium with consequent hepatomegaly. In addition, muscle hypotonia, J-shaped sella turcica, yellowish dots in the ocular fundi, typical dysmorphic features and hypoplasia of various endocrine glands causing hormonal deficiency are common.
    • Sequence similarities
      Belongs to the TRIM/RBCC family.
      Contains 1 B box-type zinc finger.
      Contains 1 MATH domain.
      Contains 1 RING-type zinc finger.
    • Post-translational
    • Cellular localization
      Cytoplasm > perinuclear region. Peroxisome. Found in vesicles of the peroxisome. Aggregates as aggresomes, a perinuclear region where certain misfolded or aggregated proteins are sequestered for proteasomal degradation.
    • Information by UniProt
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    • Alternative names
      • E3 ubiquitin protein ligase TRIM37 antibody
      • E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase TRIM37 antibody
      • KIAA0898 antibody
      • MUL antibody
      • MUL protein antibody
      • Mulibrey nanism gene antibody
      • Mulibrey nanism protein antibody
      • POB 1 antibody
      • POB1 antibody
      • RING B box coiled coil protein antibody
      • TEF 3 antibody
      • TEF3 antibody
      • TRI37_HUMAN antibody
      • TRIM 37 antibody
      • Trim37 antibody
      • Tripartite motif containing 37 antibody
      • Tripartite motif containing 37 protein antibody
      • Tripartite motif containing protein 37 antibody
      • Tripartite motif-containing protein 37 antibody
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    ab13619 has not yet been referenced specifically in any publications.

    Customer reviews and Q&As


    Thank you for your enquiry. Ab13619 is a Fast-Track antibody; Fast-Track antibodies are antibodies that are still in development and are immunogen affinity purified and are shown by ELISA to have high titre values against their immunogen. We are currently testing them for use in Western blotting. At this stage, there can be delays. We sometimes experience problems in searching for / developing the correct lysate or knock-out cell-line. In addition, certain products can be difficult to characterise, due, for instance, to low expression levels or a lack of expression in easily available lysates. This particular antibody has so far been tested in Western blotting with Human Testis and Placenta extracts with no signal but low background seen. These are preliminary experiments and is all the information that we have at this time. If you choose to purchase ab13619, we would greatly appreciate your feedback, whether positive or negative. We will award $300 of Conference Travel Money to the first researcher who sends us positive feedback (including an image and details of materials & methods). Conclusive negative feedback that leads us to withdraw the antibody will also be rewarded with $300 of Conference Travel Money. More details about the fast-track antibody terms of use can be found on the online datasheet. If you have any more questions, please contact us again.

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