Question (17919) | Anti-TRPM8 antibody (ab3243)

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I’d like to address the following: could Abcam provide us with the blocking peptide for TRPM8 antibody (ab3243)? Its datasheet reports immunogen were synthetic peptides made to residues 278-292 RNQLEKYISERTIQD and the C-terminus sequence NDLKGLLKEIANKIK of the human trpm8 protein. In case if we can not purchase the synthetic peptide at Abcam do you think that if we’ll order 278-292 and the C terminus sequence to use as control for our experiments that’ll be fine? looking forward for your response


Thank you for your enquiry. I am sorry but we do not have the immunogen peptide for this antibody in our catalogue. It may have been exhausted. Yes, were you to have the two peptides used to raise this antibody synthesized I can see no reason why they would not serve as peptide inhibition controls for this antibody.

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