Western blot abreview for Anti-TRPS1 antibody

Western blot
Loading amount
25 µg
Gel Running Conditions
Reduced Denaturing (8%)
Mouse Cell lysate - nuclear (EpH4 (Non tumorogenic mammary epithelial cell line)
EpH4 (Non tumorogenic mammary epithelial cell line
Blocking step
Milk as blocking agent for 1 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Concentration: 10% · Temperature: 22°C

Other product details

Incubation time
18 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Temperature: 4°C · Diluent: PBS-T+10%FCS

Secondary antibody

Non-Abcam antibody was used: ECL Rabbit IgG, HRP-linked whole Ab (from donkey),
Host species: Donkey
Clonality: Polyclonal
Conjugation: Horse Radish Peroxidase


Detection method
Luminata Crescendo, Millipore WBLUR0500
Specific: 142 kDa Non-specific: 60-65, 85, 120 kDa
20 second(s)
Negative control
EpF-1 and EpF-2 (EpH4 subclones expressing high amounts of Zeb1 and Zeb2 mRNA): According to qPCR data, TRPS1 mRNA levels are decreased in these samples. When compared to housekeeping, TRPS1 protein levels are decreased in these samples in the WB shown.
Positive control
EpH4 (parental cell line) were TRPS1 is expressed

Additional data

Additional Notes
Figure legend: 1.Ha-Ras-transformed EpH4 cells 2. and 3. EpF-2 and EpF-1 (EpH4 subclones expressing high amounts of Zeb1 and Zeb2 mRNA) 4.EpH4 (parental) 5.EpF-2 6. and 7.EpF-Z1.1 and EpF-Z1.2 (EpF-1 clones transfected with siRNA to knockdown Zeb1) 8. and 9. EpF-Z2.1 and EpF-Z2.2 (EpF-1 clones transfected with siRNA to knockdown Zeb2). Nuclear extracts were prepared in the presence of protein inhibitors and 25ug of protein were run in a 8% gel and transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane (transferred in 1xtransfer buffer+20% MeOH, 1.5h at 110v constant).

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