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Thank you for your reply but I think perhaps I was not very clear in my
email - we used the antibody at 1/500 but were still unable to get any
bands. I have attached a scan (a) of a blot using ab34726 at 1/500 where
30ug of protein was loaded.
Lane 1= rat liver mitochondria
Lane 2= digitonin treated mitochondria (mitoplasts)
Lane 3= supernatant
Lane 4= digitonin treated mitochondria
Lane 5= supernatant
We would expect a strong signal, especially in Lane 1 but there is nothing.
The same membrane was then stripped and reprobed with an alternative VDAC
antibody (monoclonal) (b) and as you can see we then obtained bands.
I really do feel the latest batch of your VDAC antibody (ab34726) is not
performing as it should, so would again request a replacement batch please.
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Thank you for the clarification!

I am sorry this product did not perform as stated on the datasheet and for the inconvenience this has caused. As requested, I have issued a free of charge replacement of another batchwith the order number 1164302.

To check the status of the order please contact our Customer Service team and reference this number.

Please note that this free of charge replacement vial is also covered by our Abpromise guarantee. Should you still be experiencing difficulties, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

I wish you the best of luck with your research.

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