Question (76815) | Anti-VEGF 165A antibody (ab106580)

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My question about this product is that, this antibody as you explained recognizes many isoforms of VEGFA, does it also recognize the vegfA165b isoform. may I ask what is the exact sequence that this antibody recognizes?


I can confirm that the immunogen is full length recombinant human VEGF-165 protein and ab106580 is a polyclonal antibody. We therefore assume that there are multiple binding sites. Unfortunately with polyclonal antibodies this can not be further mapped.

We have not specifically tested if this antibody binds to the vegfA165b isoform, but as the only difference between vegfA165a and vegfA165b is aa227-232: CDKPRR  SLTRKD (according to Uniprot) it is very likely that ab106580 binds to vegfA165b as well.

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