Question (19942) | Anti-Vimentin antibody [VI-10] (ab20346)

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Hi I was just wondering if you could provide with information on where the antibody VI-10 (ab20346) is raised to?


From the reference listed on our datasheet, Draberova E et al. Monoclonal antibody VI-10 specific for vimentin. Folia Biol (Praha) 45:35-6 (1999). PubMed: 10732717 we have the following information: "BALB/c mice were immunized with a synthetic peptide corresponding to human gamma-tubulin sequence 38-53, coupled to carrier protein and fused with Sp2/0 myeloma cells... Immunoblotting analysis showed that antibody VI-10 reacted with purified vimentin from Elulich ascitic tumour cells as well as with 57 kDa proteins at the position of vimentin in whole cell lysates."

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