Characterization and affinity maturation of TCRmimic scFvs identified using phage display webinar

Do you know why phage display is an increasingly popular method of antibody identification?

Join Jackie Douglass, of John Hopkins School of Medicine, as she reviews the benefits of phage display, and discusses her research identifying and characterizing TCRmimic scFvs using phage display. 

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Webinar topics

  • Identification of scFv antibody fragments using phage display
  • Expression, affinity maturation, and characterization of scFvs 

About the presenter

Jackie Douglass completed bachelors’ degrees in Chemical-Biological Engineering and Economics and a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering Practice at MIT. She is currently an MD-PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is doing her PhD thesis in the lab of Bert Vogelstein.

Jackie's thesis involves using phage display to identify TCRmimic scFvs (antibody fragments) recognizing mutant peptide-HLA complexes and translating these scFvs into therapeutic formats.

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