Optimizing your ELISA and immunoassay performance, live Q&A session

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Review helpful tips & techniques and have your questions answered during a live Q&A session!

Always looking for that extra bit of information, but don't have enough time to listen to the entire on-demand recording? Curious to learn about new techniques and protocols?

This session will review:

  • The key steps to take to ensure sensitive, specific and accurate quantification of data
  • How to evaluate ELISA and multiplex immunoassay kits
  • Strategies to improve signal to noise, alleviate matrix effects, and calibrate protein standards
  • Key fundamentals, such as how to  optimize sample dilutions, control for matrix effects, normalize for batch variability and test for recovery and linearity of dilutions

Meet the presenter

Russell Neuner

Russell leads a team developing multiplex immunoassays at our immunoassay development and manufacturing site in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Our team in Eugene has collectively developed over 500 ELISA and multiplex immunoassays with extensive attention paid to assay validation to ensure sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and reproducibility.

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